Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Jackdaw bundel aangekondigd

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PlatformUbisoft heeft in een press release aangekondigd dat Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Jackdaw op de Xbox one en PS4 binnenkort uit zal komen. Het spel zal Assassin's Creed IV en alle beschikbare DLC inclusief Freedom Cry bevatten.

Of de bundel ook op andere platformen beschikbaar komt is niet bekend gemaakt. De bundel zal uitkomen op 28 maart 2014 en exclusief via Amazon te bestellen zijn.

Here’s what you’ll be getting:

Death Vessel Pack – Show your enemies that you are ready to bring death upon them with the Death Vessel sails, figurehead and wheel.
Kraken Ship Pack – This pack includes a sail, wheel, and figurehead inspired by the legendary sea monster known for swallowing ships, men and whales.
Crusader & Florentine Pack – With these new cosmetic sets, sail with Altaïr or Ezio’s colors with 4 customization items for your ship and 2 new weapons for Edward.
Illustrious Pirates Pack – This pack adds 3 new islands to explore with its hidden treasure chests, new outfits, weapons, ship items and more; ready to be discovered. Customize your multiplayer experience with new skins and items.
Multiplayer #1: Blackbeard’s Wrath – Blackbeard’s Wrath Pack extends the multiplayer experience with three new fearsome playable characters including the Orchid, Blackbeard himself and the Jaguar.
Multiplayer #2: Guild of Rogues – The Guild of Rogues Pack extends the multiplayer experience with three additional playable characters including the Stowaway, the Shaman and the Siren! This pack also comes with new customization options, and new moves.

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