Getting Battlefield V to run on older hardware.

ArtikellogoCurrently I own a intel i7 2600K and up until this point I have not found a game this CPU could not handle. That was until I installed the latest battlefield. While playing on the lowest settings I was only getting at average 40 frames per second. What in the world was going on? After turning on the on-screen display of afterburner the problem seemed obvious. My CPU was being hammered! It was constantly at a hundred percent usage, while my GPU was only registering a thirty to fourthy percent usage. A clear CPU bottleneck was the easy diagnosis. It appeared it was finally time to retire my old and trusty 8-year companion. Or was it?


How to get the most out of your Chromecast: get around restrictions to get local files playing

ArtikellogoChromecast is a wonderful and cheap device that you can hook up to any device that either has an HDMI, analog or digital audio port to spare. Doing so will enable to stream just about anything that is on the internet to said device. Sounds wonderful! There is however a little pitfall. If you wanted to stream your own music from a local source or just route the audio from your PC/laptop to your Chromecast you would find it impossible to do so out of the box. That is until now.


Fix your TV/monitor HDMI: Force a digital output signal on nVidia drivers

PlatformThe nVidia drivers offer a hidden feature that forces output to ports, even if no monitor on that port can be detected. This can be very useful if your monitor/TV or input or cable is defective. Or if your monitor accepts both a digital or analog signal trough the DVI cable but you want to force a digital signal.


How to fix Google Chromecast audio multicasting only playing on one device

ArtikellogoIf you happen to own multiple Chromecast audio devices you might be pleased to learn that Google added a new feature last December to cast audio to all your Chromecast Audio devices at once. There is however a very annoying bug that causes the music to only play on one device. The official workaround requires you to manually reset the device that is playing music. I’ve found a better solution.


Cities: Skylines: Hoe begin ik een spel met winst?

ArtikellogoIn city building games is het begin altijd een lastige periode en in Cities Skylines helemaal. Dit komt omdat je aan het begin van het spel niet een lening af kunt sluiten wanneer je geld tekort komt. Het is dus zaak om eigenlijk vanaf het begin een stad op te zetten die al vrij snel winst maakt. Maar hoe doe ik dit?


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